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from the Bline's Family Farm

Bline's Awesome Aussies!


If you already love the energy, enthusiasm, devotion and smart thinking of the Aussie; then add the fun, loving, quirky Poodle traits for the perfect family companion. Poodles/Doodles can be great for special needs children/adults, in addition to being good therapy dogs.  There is something very sensory soothing in their curly, kinky, soft, silky, fur.


Welcome new puppy owner!


Essential training for all puppies!


Every Thursday at 6 pm PST,
Class starts on the 13th of October.

5 weeks online training from experienced dog trainers

Full access to dog trainers during the course

Join our Aussie & Collie community.

Receive assignments via a private Facebook group.

Play Puppy Bingo!

With Next Gen ACS's Puppy Program get a jump start on puppyhood! Our training will guide you through crate training, house setup, and social exposure.

Your dog will also learn to sit, down, stay, and leave it.

  • Ideal for puppies 4-8 months

  • 5 lessons in 5 weeks + homework assignments

  • 10% off Board & Train

  • Ongoing access to trainer

Price: only $150 for 5 classes! - LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE


Have you played Puppy Bingo?

Puppy Bingo (3).jpg

Top Dog training tools from Amazon

These Dog training tools are what we use on a regular basis and would highly recommend that you purchase them when you first get your new puppy. Next Gen ACS is dedicated to providing the best dog training service using high-quality, durable tools.

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