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Online Terms & Conditions

Next Gen Aussies, Collies, And Shepherds Code of Online Behavior 

1. Dress appropriately 

2. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking 

3. Please don’t eat while you are on camera. If you must please mute your video

4. Stay seated and stay present 

5. Use appropriate language – foul language may offend other class participants

6. Make sure dogs and children are taken care of and don’t interfere with the class

7. When giving feedback to class participants be sensitive of their feelings

8. Don’t interrupt students while they are speaking 

9. Make sure there are no environmental distractions like TV or Radio 

10 Turn off your cell phone  

11. Be on time for the class 

12 Comments on the FaceBook Group should be civil. Any comments that are derogatory will  be taken off 

13. Any dispute between class participants will be resolved by the instructor 

14. Violating class etiquette can lead to dismissal by the instructor. If a student is dismissed due  to multiple violations and gross behavior there will be no refund. 

15. Once class has started there will be no refunds.

Video Release 

I hereby grant permission for the Next Gen Aussies, Collies, and Shepherds’ team and Devon MacDonald to video me and my dog  during training sessions both in person, online in Zoom Classes  and to use uploaded Videos to FaceBook Groups for the  purpose of developing and producing Puppy training  videos that may be offered online or for distribution in any  format or media known or hereafter to become known.  

I hereby release Next Gen Aussies, Collies, and Shepherds, Devon MacDonald and team from any claim or cause of action for invasion  of privacy, right of personality or any similar right.

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