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The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Bay Area

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

One of the reasons we love the Bay Area is the amazing dog-friendly restaurants available. Whether you are looking for a casual brunch spot or an evening dining experience, there is something for everyone and every furry friend. Here are our favorite dog-friendly restaurants in the Bay Area over here at Next Gen Aussies, Collies, and Shepherds:

Morgan Hill:

This is a cozy restaurant that serves a variety of comfort food dishes. Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio, where they can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

What we love: The outdoor area is covered which is great for sun/rain protection. Craft Roots specializes in vegan food, they source their produce as locally as possible and follow the seasons with their specials and ever-evolving menu.

Dog friendly restaurants in Palo Alto:

Teleferic Barcelona: (Los Gatos)

Telefèric Barcelona is a family-owned restaurant group in California that serves authentic Spanish tapas, paellas, and innovative cocktails. The Padrosa family, pioneers in the art of 'Pintxos,' has teamed up with a group of Spanish chefs to create a dining experience that transports customers to Spain without the need for a passport. If you're looking for a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine in Los Gatos, Telefèric Barcelona is the place to be.

Things we love: Serving the best Spanish food, a lovely outdoor patio for pups and their people.

Sun of Wolf symbolizes a new dawn of community gatherings and strength in family. This project embodies our vision: Guests enjoying our new expression of our love for food and cocktails with Old World Mexican roots and modern Bay Area flavors.

Things we love: A community-centered vibe with the old world, Mexican roots, and modern-day Bay Area flavors. Italian food is their specialty.

Since coming onto the Bay Area dining scene in February 2020, ETTAN has redefined how people experience Indian cuisine; creating a unique confluence of the Indian palette with California fresh ingredients. Their aim is to encourage people to experience the richness and depth of Indian flavors in a vibrant and healthy manner – marrying Eastern sensibilities with Western expression, that is enhanced by an international design aesthetic.

Things we love: Some of the best outdoor dining with a new modern feel.

The Table is an urban neighborhood restaurant focused on seasonal ingredients, hand-crafted cocktails, and progressive wines. We are called The Table because we recognize a table's unique ability to bring together delicious food, fun drinks, and good people. Many of life's best memories have been created around a table.

Things we love: The Table offers seasonal California cuisine and has a beautiful outdoor patio for dogs.

Dog friendly restaurants in San Francisco:

The Beach Chalet is a Spanish colonial revival style, a historic landmark that has gone from a gleaming eatery called the Golden Gate Park Chalet, built by Willis Pol in 1925, to Army headquarters to a dangerous dive bar to now, a renovated upscale restaurant with unimpeded ocean views.

Things we love: Appropriately priced meals, packaged with community, creativity, and ambiance perfect for a day out with friends and your dogs.

A favorite in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, Rose’s Café is a hangout for locals who bask in the sun at sidewalk tables, duck inside for a cappuccino, or stay for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

Things we love: Perfect for a day out with your dog, a classic hangout for locals, serving both lunch and dinner with an Italian flair.

Outerlands is a great restaurant that makes everyone feel like they’re on vacation. Maybe it’s the weathered wood walls, maybe it’s the laidback service, or perhaps it’s the location a few blocks from the ocean. The air is salty, the vibe is beachy, and the brunch is fantastic.

Things we love: Serving brunch, and dinner Outerlands is known for its fresh bread and fantastic sandwiches

Cracked & Battered is San Francisco’s coziest, most honest brunch restaurant. They serve a range of savory and sweet dishes. From everyone’s favorite classics, like fried Chicken & Waffles and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, to new discoveries such as Nasi Goreng and Shakshouka; their delicious creations will never leave you hungry. As a local, family-run eatery, they put both fresh ingredients and their love for cooking into every homestyle meal they create.

Things we love: Serving a variety of savory and sweet dishes with a mix of newly created dishes and old classics. This restaurant has a beautiful flair with a local family-run feel.

San Francisco's Staycation Destination. Serving Tropical Food & Vacation Drinks

Things we love: Originally an 1854 dairy farmhouse, Palm House evokes a bygone era of tropical leisure with a mix of bold flavors. Tropical eats exotic drinks and humble service in the spirit of old age.

The restaurant is family-owned and operated by the Simmons family, who are committed to preserving the natural beauty and resources of The San Francisco Bay. Fog Harbor was the first PIER 39 San Francisco restaurant to serve 100% sustainable seafood, a testament to the family’s commitment to the environment, and a reason why Fog Harbor is where you can find the best seafood in San Francisco.

Things we love: The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and they are always eager to help you choose the perfect dish to suit your tastes, even for your best friend.

With dishes such as the California Burger with a fried egg, Zoe's bacon, and balsamic onions, Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos with sushi grade Ahi tuna, Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with harissa & turmeric spiced mayos, Chicken Kale Caesar, and hand-spun organic shakes, Gott’s modern roadside menu offers something for everyone.

Things we love: Gott’s commitment to local sourcing extends to their wines with a California-centric list of wines and beers.

Son & Garden refuse to compromise on quality in their restaurant. That's why they source their fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets. No matter what time of year, you can be sure you're eating the best of the season.

Things we love: With a beautiful ambiance and exquisite decor known for its colorful and delicious creations, Son & Garden will not provide anything less than perfect when it comes to your dining experience.

Dog friendly restaurants in San Jose:

Rock Bottom is a friendly neighborhood bar, gourmet eatery, and craft brewery offering brewed in-house beers and seltzers handcrafted by local Brewmasters.

Things we love: They have great beers ... and lots of it!

Known for their 'Crazy Good Food', The Funny Farm is a very playful Mexican-themed restaurant that indulges in colorful flavors of burgers, sandwiches, waffles, and more. The Funny Farm appeared on the popular TV show Man vs Food which showcased their quirky atmosphere.

Things we love: You have to try the "Monte Cristo Rito", featuring sous-vide turkey, Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, and bacon, all wrapped inside a tortilla, deep-fried chimichanga-style, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with grape jelly.

The restaurant gets its name from Park Avenue and the building’s history as a gas station.

Chef Luis Silva of Naglee Park Garage fame and business partner Long Nguyen wanted a building that fits in with the history of San Jose. Silva had “been looking for something to do in the way of food, drinks, and community.”

Things we love: With lots of fun events, paired with a beautiful brunch and dinner menu, Park Station is a good place to get social with other dog owners.

Their name is derived from the New Orleans sandwich called the Po Boy (Poor), served inside a Victorian family home (House), and turned into a restaurant (Bistro). They also serve Muffaletta sandwiches, seafood fry, grilled burgers, pasta, and salads that are delicious!

Things we love: Alongside amazing food Poor House has live music daily, spotlighting talented musicians here in the Bay Area.

Vintage Wine Merchants created a friendly, inviting place where both wine connoisseurs and novices felt at home. No pretension. No condescension. Just a group of people who understand that, in the end, drinking wine is about celebration.

Things we love: Spotlighting its magnificent array of different wines. This is a beautiful spot to stop and have a chat with a friend and their pups.

All ingredients used are carefully picked and prepared. They make every meal by hand each day, including all of their sauces, marinades, and dressings. They have a seasonal menu, which is their ode to the current season, and where they celebrate Mother Nature's beautiful bounty in the best way possible.

Things we love: Lazy Dog has a wide variety of food options including their 'TV Dinners'. Their outdoor heating and complimentary water bowls for dogs make it the ideal place to chill

At LUNA Mexican Kitchen, they believe in the healing power of food. "Each ingredient we put into our bodies serves a purpose, giving us energy and making us stronger to live longer, healthier lives". They're proud to use ingredients that have been nurtured slowly, with care, all the way from the farms to their kitchen.

Things we love: With clean ingredients made with ancient methods, they pride themselves in food that tastes like your Abuelita made it.

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. Taste of Heaven Bistro is a fun place to eat with its over-the-top garnishes, creative cocktails, milkshakes, and more.

Things we love: Known for its exquisite drinks. Heaven bistro offers, a new-age twist when it comes to sushi.

Ozumo San Francisco was the first U.S. Restaurant designed by Japan’s renowned Super Potato Design, lending true authenticity to its aesthetic approach. It was one of the first large-scale, high-end Japanese dining experiences offering sushi & sashimi, a robata grill, and the largest premium imported sake list in the U.S.

Things we love: Certified by the official Kobe beef Association, Ozumo is one the few restaurants in the entire United States that serves certified Kobe beef.

With its first food truck opening in Fremont, California, El Halal Amigos quickly gained recognition for its Halal Mexican Cuisine curated by Chef Hisham. El Halal Amigos has grown to be a local gem and is now expanding to their first brick-and-mortar restaurant in San Jose, California.

Things we love: Halal certified, their tacos are pretty damn good!

Kevin's vision to open a brewery came from traveling from city to city playing ball and exploring breweries. If you ever saw him play, you can understand why he needed a beer after the game to taper the adrenaline. After retiring, he wanted to find a new career that combined his love of beer and drive to be a part of a team. Loma Brewing Company is the end goal of that dream as he and the Loma team strive to create a place where great beer and food pair with an environment that is truly for everyone. Simply put; Loma is humbly brewed, fan approved.

Things we love: Owned by former MLB player, Kevin Youkilis Loma has a variety of award-winning handcrafted beers that are all excellent options in San Jose.

Socializing your dog is an important part of your dog's training, by being around other dogs in a 'well-behaved' environment your dog will learn from its surroundings. If your dog is showing social anxiety or being aggressive Next Gen ACS can assist you, please reach out to us for a free consultation.



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