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The Truth About Remote Collars

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The remote e-collar is a controversial and often misunderstood tool used by dog owners and trainers alike. At Next Generation Aussies Collies & Shepherds, we use remote e-collars.

Dog trainer demonstrating the e-collar

Generally referred to as remote e-collars, when used correctly they are amazing. Think of them as an invisible leash that allows you to pull your dog back to you from a distance.

Many dog owners learn that if they want their dog to come to them, treats or praise will do the trick. Sometimes yes. However, for a dog, treats only work if it’s better than the distraction. What if it is a squirrel, another dog, or a child on a scooter that has the dog's attention and the treats in your hand doesn’t mean a thing? Your dog could bolt into the street and potentially be hit by a car. A remote e-collar can be a lifesaver, literally.

So why are these collars for dogs so misunderstood?

The truth is, it is just a tool. It can be destructive if used in the wrong way or it can be the foundation for a great relationship with your dog.

Here are a few key points to know about these e-collars for dogs.

First, don’t use them as “no” buttons. Often people put them on their dogs, and when they grab a shoe, the dog owner pushes the button and immediately the dog drops the shoe. So they think success. Instead, all it did was make the dog build resentment and fear towards the owner instead of love and respect. When we train our dogs, they are taught if they do what is expected of them something positive will come from it.

Second, technology has come a long way. In the past, these electronic collars for dogs only came in three levels. Low, medium and high. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Now there are over 100 levels. When we train our dogs, the majority of the time we don’t go over 8 out of 100 on the e-collar settings. This flexibility allows us to reach out to the dog without hurting or scaring them.

Finally, the remote dog collars aren’t toys and dogs are not robots. Toys can be taken out of the box and used immediately. E-collars for dogs need to be understood and used after proper training. Dogs are not predictable like a robot, they react in different ways. A level that works perfectly on one dog might be too sensitive to others. And if they’re too young and still in the fear period, they shouldn’t be used at all. Regularly we are asked if we can do remote e-collar training on dogs in just a couple of days. The answer is no, never. Anyone willing to do so should not be a dog trainer. And anyone that puts an e-collar on a dog without knowing what they’re doing shouldn’t be a dog owner.

Dog trainer holding an e-collar

We love these e-collars for dogs, but we love them when they’re used properly.

If you’d like to know more dog training tips please contact us at Next Gen Aussies Collies and Shepherds.



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