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Next Gen ACS  Aussie Puppy Exclusive

Next Gen Aussies Collies & Shepherds is dedicated to making sure your puppy has the best chance possible to be a great companion by providing basic puppy training to all new puppy owners. 

We specialize in training Australian Shepherds and Border Collies because we undertsnad how intellegent and full of energy they can be. Next Gen ACS is based in the Bay area and have been training dogs all over California since 2016.

California Dog Trainers
Next Gen ACS _ Mini Shepherd
Next Gen ACS _ Mini Aussie
Next Gen ACS _ Mini Aussie Bay Area
Next Gen ACS _ Aussie Shepherd Bay Area
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With Next Gen ACS's Puppy Program get a jump start on puppyhood! Our training will guide you through crate training, house setup, and social exposure. Your dog will also learn to sit, down, stay, and leave it.

  • 1 lesson before 6 months

  • 4 lessons after 6 months

  • 10% off future Board & Train program

  • Ongoing access to trainer

Price:  $500


Call us at 408-763-5007 to book your place now 

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Download the Puppy PDF here

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