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Private Training with Next Gen ACS

Ready to Experience the Next Level of Dog Training? Unleash the full potential of your furry companion with our Private Training Service at Next Gen ACS. Personalized attention, customized strategies, and a stronger bond with your dog await. 

Contact us to schedule your Private Lesson and witness the positive changes in your dog's behavior. Your dog deserves the best, and so do you!

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Border Collie running on grass

We Understand the breed.

We understand that every dog has its own personality that needs to be approached in a specific way. Daily notes and records are kept on each dog so we can track progress and determine where pivots in the training process need to be made.

Next Generation of Training

Tools have improved, research is better, and the outdated ways to train dogs has been given a makeover. Next Gen ACS is constantly evolving to make sure it incorporates the best-of-the-best to ensure all our behavior modifications in our dogs have the best chance of success.

Dog jumping into a dog kennel
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Michelle Francis

Just picked my dog up from her 3 week board and train a few days ago and I can clearly see a change in her behavior. She’s so much calmer and confident, our walks have been stress free. I can tell there was alot of progress made in the past 3 weeks! It was so worth the time and money!

Thank you so much!!


Ke'ana - Renee

Great place to board and train dogs! I've trained 2 dogs here and lemme tell you it's been an amazing life saver for one! First off, lots of space for the dogs to actually run. There's an agility course with an attached run that you can go in one at a time and let your dogs stretch their legs. Around the course is a trail where you can walk your dogs while you wait. This has been super helpful before classes !

Paul P.png

Paul Prieto

Overall, the training experience for both dogs was positive. Dylan adeptly adjusted to their unique personalities, prioritizing their well-being. I highly recommend NetGen ACS for boarding, training, or socializing your dog. They conduct training sessions every weekend, providing a valuable opportunity for all dog owners to participate.

Service Dog Training

Our Service Dog Training program encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including mobility assistance, medical alert, and emotional support, among others. We employ balanced training techniques and customized training plans to address the unique needs of each dog and handler pair.

Reactive Dog Training

Reactive behaviors can include excessive barking, lunging, or growling when a dog is exposed to specific stimuli, such as other dogs, people, or various environmental factors. Our program is tailored to help dogs learn how to manage their reactions and provide owners with the tools they need to understand and effectively guide their pets through stressful situations.

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