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Service Dog Training

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Next Gen ACS Service Dog Training program is designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking specialized assistance through the support of a highly trained canine companion. Our program focuses on creating strong, reliable partnerships between dogs and their handlers, ensuring that each service dog is prepared to offer the specific support their human partner requires.

Our Service Dog Training program encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including mobility assistance, medical alert, and emotional support, among others. We employ balanced training techniques and customized training plans to address the unique needs of each dog and handler pair. Our training process is thorough, ensuring that each dog graduates with the skills necessary to perform their duties reliably in various environments.

The training curriculum covers:

  • Basic obedience and manners

  • Specialized tasks specific to the handler’s needs

  • Public access training to ensure dogs can behave impeccably in public spaces

  • Socialization to various environments, people, and other animals

Our trainers are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of canine behavior and service dog training requirements. They work closely with each handler to ensure that the training process is transparent, collaborative, and tailored to their specific needs.

Who is Service Dog Training for:

Our Service Dog Training program is designed for individuals who require a service dog to assist with a disability, whether visible or invisible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individuals with mobility challenges who require assistance with day-to-day tasks

  • People living with conditions that benefit from medical alert dogs, such as diabetes or epilepsy

  • Those in need of psychiatric service dogs to help manage conditions like PTSD, anxiety, or depression


We also offer consultation services for those who are considering a service dog but are unsure if it’s the right decision for them. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support throughout the training process and beyond, ensuring that each handler feels confident and supported in their partnership with their service dog.

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What types of service dog training do you offer?

We offer training for a variety of service dogs, including mobility assistance, medical alert (for conditions like diabetes, epilepsy), and psychiatric service dogs (for PTSD, anxiety, depression). Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the handler.

How long does the service dog training program take?

The duration of our service dog training program varies depending on the specific tasks the dog needs to learn and the individual learning pace of the dog. On average, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to fully train a service dog.

Can any dog become a service dog?

Not all dogs are suited to become service dogs. Candidates must have the right temperament, including being calm, adaptable, and capable of intense focus. We conduct evaluations to determine if a dog has the potential to become a service dog.

Do I need to provide my own dog for training?

You can provide your own dog for an evaluation to see if they’re a suitable candidate for service dog training. Alternatively, we can assist in selecting a dog that meets the criteria for becoming a service dog.

Is there an age limit for dogs to start training?

While it’s beneficial to start training as early as possible, there is no strict age limit. However, older dogs might find intensive training more challenging. The ideal candidate is typically between 8 weeks and 2 years old.

What if my dog fails to complete the service dog training program?

Not every dog completes the service dog training program. If a dog is not suited to become a service dog, we will discuss alternative options, which may include transitioning the dog into a different role that is more suitable, such as a therapy or emotional support animal.

How much does the service dog training program cost?

The cost of service dog training varies based on the specific requirements of the handler and the duration of the training. We provide detailed cost information following an initial consultation and assessment.

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