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Unleash the Best in Your Dog with Personalized Private Lessons at Next Gen ACS

Ready to Experience the Next Level of Training? Schedule Your Private Lesson Now.
Unleash the full potential of your furry companion with our Private Training Service at Next Gen ACS. Personalized attention, customized strategies, and a stronger bond with your dog await. Take the first step toward a well-behaved and harmonious relationship. Contact us to schedule your Private Lesson and witness the positive changes in your dog's behavior. Your dog deserves the best, and so do you!

Our Private Lessons are designed to provide you and your furry companion with a personalized, one-on-one training experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

In our Private Lessons, your dog gets the undivided attention of our skilled trainers. We understand that every dog has its own personality, strengths, and areas for improvement. Our one-on-one sessions allow us to tailor our approach to match your dog's specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective learning.


Building a Strong Bond, One Lesson at a Time

Beyond obedience commands, our Private Lessons focus on strengthening the bond between you and your dog. We guide you through the training process, offering insights and techniques that not only enhance your dog's behavior but also deepen the connection between you. Discover the joy of a well-behaved and harmoniously integrated furry family member through our Private Lessons.

4 Private Lessons - $1000
8 Private Lessons - $1800 (save $200)

Now included in our Private Lesson Programs:

  • 🏡 In-home Puppy Training for Bay Area Residents

  • 📅 A Full Year of Access to Our Weekly Online Community

  • 🐾 12 Group Classes and 12 Pack Walks

  • 🎓 Obedience Tests and Agility Training

  • 🔄 Follow-up Help All Year Long



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 Devon specializes in Aussie, Collie, and Shepherd breeds. Working on trick training, agility, behavioral modification, puppy training, and off leash obedience

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