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Visions & Values

We train with trust

Dog eating ice cream with dog trainer
High Drive Dogs Trained With High Drive Work

These breeds, and others like them, need work to do. With daily field trips, a three acre farm, and an on-site agility course, our dogs have outlets for their high energy to make their behavior constructive and not destructive.

A Next Generation Approach to Dog Training

Tools have improved, research is better, and the outdated ways to train dogs has been given a makeover. Next Gen ACS is constantly evolving to make sure it incorporates the best-of-the-best to ensure all our behavior modifications in our dogs have the best chance of success.

Dogs Get Comfortable to Uncomfortable Situations

Exposing the dogs to real-life situations such as coffee shops, walks in crowded areas, and being handled by multiple trainers allows for dogs to gain confidence. Dogs thrive on structure and predictability, so tearing down their barriers and points of fear helps them thrive.

Understand the Breed. Understand the Individual.

Next Gen ACS is diligent in setting up plans that not only has the needs of the breed in mind, but we also understand that every dog has its own individual personality that needs to be approached in a specific way. Daily notes and records are kept on each dog so we can track progress and determine where pivots in the training process need to be made.

Alumni Are Part of the Family Forever

The relationship between us and the dog and its owner doesn’t end when the dog goes home or training ends. Next Gen ACS has affordable refresher courses every month, group classes and alumni-exclusive gatherings and events. Dogs aren’t robots. Tune ups are needed and we’re here to help.

Dog trainer with dogs infront of a barn
Love (and Train) Dogs Like They’re Our Own

To date, more than 100 dogs have gone through our program. But the one dog that sits in front of us in need of help is where our focus is. There’s nothing we would do with each dog that we wouldn’t be comfortable doing on our own dog. Every dog we work with gets our passion and focus.

Welcome to 'The Farm'

Next Gen Aussies, Collies & Shepherds has one of the best dog training facilities in Northern California. We understand that our dogs need plenty of room to run around, that's why we invested in a biggest space with plenty of outdoor areas to run around and practice our dog training skills.
Next Gen ACS provides private training, agility classes, luring games and more. We have room for more so if you need a space to practice your dog's skills or host an event, please contact us for more information.

Barn arial shot
Next Gen ACS Aerial shot of the barn
'The Field'

Service Name

Directly behind the Barn is our agility course which is where we spend a lot of our time having fun with the dogs, behind the agility course though is a huge open field where we let the dogs run free.

'The Field' is available for rental so if you have a dog event in mind we would love to host you.

Contact us via the contact page for more information.

The 'Agility Course'

Having fun is an essential part of training your dog, that's why we have included a dog agility course in our Board & Train program. The 'Agility Course' is a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Our Agility area is available for rent, for private or corporate use. Please ask one of our dog trainers for more information on availability and pricing.

dog jumping in an agility course
Dog crates at Next Gen ACS
'The Barn'

The Barn is the core of Next Gen Aussies, Collies and Shepherds. We have 16 high quality crates to house the dogs over night with on-site staff 24/7. Our crate area is cleaned daily to maintain a hygienically clean environment for our clients (the dogs)

Next Gen Aussies Collies & Shepherds was founded in 2021 by Devon MacDonald. Having owned and worked with mostly these breeds her entire adult life, Devon felt there were nuances in training them that were different from the general dog population. Much of the curriculum and training will be tailored specifically to these dogs, although we do work with other breeds. Whether it’s learning a cool trick, teaching them agility course work, or how to herd sheep but not children, Next Gen ACS combines technology, tools, and trainers that understand these breeds to make this possible.

Devon MacDonald

Next Gen ACS Founder

Devon is a passionate dog lover with six years of experience training dogs and their pet parents. She has worked with numerous well known dog training establishments such as Lori Hamilton's Dog Training and Devinek9s. She specializes in; obedience, advance obedience, trick training, agility, leash reactivity, anxiety around people, and dog aggression. Her knowledge for specific breeds (Aussies, Collies, and Shepherds) gave way to build Next Gen ACS.

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Head trainer and founder of Next Gen ACS
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