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(Evaluation required)

  • Duration: 2 - 5 weeks

  • Dogs will go home with best tools needed to continue their training.
    (If E-Collar is needed can be purchased at a discount.)

  • Includes consultation  

  • Follow up training after the board and train including:

    • Group Classes​

    • Private Lessons

    • Access to Exclusive Content on an Alumni Facebook Page

    • Four Pack Walks per year

  • Ongoing access to trainer 

  • Discounts on future services

  • Access to the new Agility Course

  • Invitations to alumni events

The most popular service we offer is the Next Gen Aussies Collies & Shepherd’s Board & Train program. We’ve had more than 100 dogs go through our program, and the results have been amazing. Humbly we feel like Next Gen ACS with our new training facility and amazing staff is one of the best California has to offer. And we’re only going to get better.


While we use tools and training techniques that return results, the truth is every dog that comes to us gets unique attention specific to the dog itself and its individual needs. We understand something that works with one dog might not work with another. Behavioral issues addressed include leash reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and nervous behaviors, but there’s nuances to each.

  • The dogs will be at the training facility just yards away from the trainer's residence.

  • The dogs will be worked multiple times a day and their progress is recorded and evaluated.

  • Each dog will be taken on a number of field trips to expose them to real-life situations.

  • The Next Gen ACS facility has A/C and heaters so we can control the temperature when it gets too hot or cold. We have treadmills so the dogs will get  exercise if the weather is too cold

  • The facility is sanitized multiple times a day and each dog will have their own crate

  • We have an on-site agility and lure course to help stimulate the dog's minds and build confidence.

  • We do a lot of pack work so that dogs can learn from each other.

  • Dogs will be exposed to multiple trainers. We want the dog not to get used to one person, but rather to learn the behaviors so when they return to the owner the transition is smooth.

  • The relationship between Next Gen ACS and the dog owners doesn’t end when the board and train is over. Follow-up training sessions are built into the program. The dogs that go through our program are part of the family.

Dogs will go home with the best tools needed to continue their training. The only exception is an E-Collar which can be purchased if needed.

The only thing you need to bring is the dog and its food. We’ll take care of the rest.

Fill out a contact form so we can figure out the next steps.

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(Evaluation required)

For alumni, or those that have had an evaluation, we now have the capability to board up to 15 dogs at a time. Whether you need us to take the dog for a few days or a few months, we can work with you.

These dogs will be in a climate controlled environment that’s cleaned and sanitized every day.


Each boarding dog will also be walked and worked multiple times daily and also have access to the on-site professional agility and lure course and field trips. 

As long as the dogs are vaccinated and well behaved, we can take them. Cost is just $95 per day.

Fill out the contact form if you’re not an alumni and we will set up a call. 

Well-behaved dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome for our boarding service. Intact dogs are considered too.

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