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(Evaluation required)

Bay Area

What to expect:

  • Duration: 2 - 5 weeks

  • In person evaluation before training begins

  • Generous follow-up training includes: 

  • Group Classes​ (including our Agility Course)

  • Private Lessons

  • Access to Exclusive Content on our Alumni Facebook Page

  • 4 Pack Walks per year

  • Ongoing access Next Gen Trainers

  • Invitations to fun alumni events

  • Dogs will return home with all the tools needed to continue their training. (If an E-Collar is needed can be purchased at a discount.)

There is a reason our Board & Train Program is our most popular offering. Over 150 dogs have graduated from our Program, and the results incredible (our reviews speak for themselves). The Next Gen ACS training facility and staff make our Board & Train the best Northern California offers.



  • Every dog that comes to Next Gen receives unique attention - we tailor our training techniques to each dog’s individual needs and personality because what works with one dog might not work with another. 

  • We conduct several training sessions a day (progress is recorded and evaluated) because dogs learn with repetition. 

  • As our dogs start to get the hang of their improved behaviors we increase distractions so you have the best results at home.

  • We take our dogs on 2-3 field trips per week (e.g., Home Depot, outdoor restaurants, hiking)  to expose them to real-life situations. 

  • Dogs learn so much from each other, which is why we utilize pack walks/work as much as possible. Your dog will come home so much more confident in groups. 

  • We utilize our on-site Agility and Lure Course to help stimulate our dogs and continue to increase their confidence. 


  • Behavioral issues addressed include leash reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, confidence, and nervous behaviors - to name a few! 

  • Dogs will be exposed to multiple trainers. We want the dog not to get used to one person, but rather to learn the behaviors so that when they return to the owner the transition is smooth.

  • The relationship between Next Gen ACS and the dog owners doesn’t end when our Board & Train Program is over. Follow-up training sessions are built into the program. The dogs that go through our program are part of the family.

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  • All dogs at the Next Gen Training Facility are just yards away from the Lead Trainer’s Residence. 

  • Our Training Facility has both heat and air conditioning, and we utilize treadmills if the weather makes outdoor training impossible. 

  • The facility is sanitized multiple times a day and each dog will have their own crate.

  • Dogs will go home with the best tools needed to continue their training. The only exception is an E-Collar which can be purchased if needed.

The only thing you need to provide us is your dog and its food - we’ll take care of the rest!

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